working together with our community

Together, Barbara and Bob Mills have raised and donated over $6.5 million in the fight against cancer.
Barbara has had her life touched by the devastating disease, losing her father to cancer. Bob himself is a cancer survivor, and tragically lost his wife to cancer, and then had to experience the lengthy leukemia treatment for his granddaughter, who is thankfully now in remission.

These experiences coupled with their desire to make our community a better place to live, drove them to create the Gala of Hope Foundation. Most recently, they have chaired Gala events in 2014 & 2016 for the Gala of Hope Foundation.

Fundraising Experience and Awards of Distinction are as follows:

2017 - Citizen Legion of Honor Award

2016 – Dayton Chapter of Association of Fundraising Professionals Award for Dayton’s Outstanding Philanthropist

2016 – Bob and Barbara Co-Chaired the 2016 Gala of Hope Event – (raised $1.3 million)

2014 - Bob and Barbara Co-Chaired the 2014 Gala of Hope Event – (raised $1.1 million)

2012 - American Cancer Society Award for Excelling in Income Development.

2011 - American Cancer Society Man of The Year.

2010 - Leukemia & Lymphoma Regional and National Man of The Year.

2009 - Mathile Community Award

2008 - Grandview Foundation Chadwick Award

2007 - Volunteer Fundraiser of The Year